Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Our Authors

Our Authors...

Herm Rawlings, author of Family Tradition: An Adventure at Sea
Herm Rawlings enlisted in the Coast Guard at age seventeen and retired twenty years later at the rank of Chief Petty Officer, Hospital Corpsman.  He now works as the Navy Installation Housing Director for the Surface Combat Systems Center, located at Wallops Island, Virginia.  He and his wife Kim have a son, Traise.

Trisha Hall-Muller, author of All The Feelings All At Once
Trisha Hall-Muller lives in Connecticut with her two children (the miracle minions that bless this book).  She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education and works as a teacher.  In her spare time, she enjoys Facebooking, vacationing in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, spending time with her family, and advocating for Autism Awareness.  This is her first (and hopefully not last) book.

Jessica Barone, author of Eternal Night
Jessica has always had a taste for the supernatural.  At a young age, she expressed an interest in vampires that resulted in her removal from the Brownies!  The interest persisted (although a career in the Girl Scouts was quite out of the question), and she began to write her first novel, Eternal Night, at the age of 13.  Jessica credits her Sicilian grandmother's stories of the old country as her earliest source of inspiration.  Tales of ancient crypts, eyeless corpses, and headless factory workers were told while sitting around the kitchen table sipping coffee.  Today Jessica is a mother who tells stories to her own child, (more subdued than those of her grandmother), but has kept her love of the supernatural alive by watching scary movies, melodramatic Netflix shows, and reading endless amounts of slightly disturbing novels in her spare time.  

Joel Reeves, author of Odd Birds
Joel Reeves is a teacher and author living in Northwest Lower Michigan with his family and guard animals, Big Chungus and Penguin.  His short stories have been published in several anthologies including Tales of the Unanticipated and Return to Deathlehem.  His rollicking fantasy Quillogy, Of Quills and Kings, Walpole Unbound, and Dreams, Schemes, and Spiny Machines— featuring a demented demon hedgehog with a vision—was recently published by Double Dragon Press.  His screenplay, Midnight Dreary, a biographical drama about Edgar Allan Poe, was a winner in the WILDsound screenwriting competition.