Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Scantic Books ~ HOME

Scantic Books is a small, independent publisher located in New England.

The Scantic River flows through many small towns of Connecticut and Massachusetts and brings with it local history and lore. Named after a local Native American tribe who settled nearby, the Scantic roars in the spring, murmurs in the summer, and once powered such mills as the Hazard Gunpowder Company. This hidden river in the heart of New England now lends its name to a publishing house dedicated to bringing previously unknown authors to light.

Our Editors:
JESSICA HANDLY was raised on tales of the old country. As a youth, her imagination soared from the crypts of Sicily to the banshees of Galway Bay. Jessica began writing short fantasy fiction at the age of thirteen, under the advice of her 8th Grade English teacher. A love of classical music and travel contributed to her creative process early on. When Jessica isn't writing, she is teaching English at Asnuntuck Community College in Connecticut. She holds a Master's of Arts in Liberal Arts, has worked as a professional writing tutor, held seminars on writer's block, led fiction writing and journalism clubs, and has served as a reviewer and tutor for other authors. Her early novels were published by small press.  She is a traveler, a gardener, an avid reader and the mother of a warrior princess. She feels the greatest achievement is to inspire young authors to read and write.
Jessica is open to submissions in the following genres:
Women’s Fiction, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror (for Horror think scary, not buckets of blood.)
John Sheirer (pronounced "shy-er") lives in Northampton, Massachusetts, with his wonderful wife Betsy and happy dog Libby. He has taught writing and communications for 26 years at Asnuntuck Community College in Enfield, Connecticut, where he also serves as editor and faculty advisor for Freshwater Literary Journal (submissions welcome). He writes a monthly column on current events for his hometown newspaper, the Daily Hampshire Gazette, and his books include memoir, fiction, poetry, essays, political satire, and photography. Find him at JohnSheirer.com.
John is open to submissions in the following genres:
Memoir, Essay Collections, Short Story Collections, Novels, Children’s Literature, and Politics/Current Events
Submit to Scantic Books:
Please send a cover letter, synopsis, and first 15-25 pages in the body of the email to: ScanticEditors@yahoo.com  Be sure to include the word QUERY in the subject line, followed by the name of the Editor you are reaching out to, and the title of the manuscript. For example: Query - Jessica Handly - Heartbreak Hill.
Questions? Contact us via email.  We are also on Facebook.
We never charge reading fees.